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The Way of the Cross With the Carmelite Saints

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Author: Sister Joseph Marie

Brand: Brand: Ics Pubns

Edition: illustrated edition


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Number Of Pages: 97

Publisher: ICS Publications

Release Date: 01-12-2003

Details: Compiled and illustrated by Sister Joseph Marie, C.H.T. (Carmelite Hermit of the Trinity).
THE CARMELITE SAINTS in their prayers and reflections reveal a deep communion with the Passion of Jesus. In the light of Christ crucified they beheld the depths of the heart of God and discovered there as well the meaning of the human heart. We cannot reach the thicket of God's riches for which we were created, Saint John of the Cross says, without peering into the thicket of his sufferings.
One of the most fruitful practices of Christian piety is known as The Way of the Cross (or Stations of the Cross), a devotion that in all probability dates back to the era of the first Christians. As practiced today, the devotion centers on fourteen chosen representations of the sufferings of Christ on his way to Calvary. Each station or stop is a place for contemplation, a moment to gaze on the sorrowful Christ who remains close to us in the mystery of human suffering. One day while making the Way of the Cross, St. Therese of Lisieux was seized with a forceful love of God and totally plunged in fire and sweetness. Theologians see this grace as of special importance for the transmission of her Little Way.
Now we have the opportunity to make the Way of the Cross with five inspiring Carmelite saints. Following along with them Christ in his sufferings, we see that the Passion of Christ cannot be exhausted, and these saints have always more to tell us. This is not a book to be read but once and then discarded, it is a book for a lifetime. 'The Savior today looks at us, solemnly probing us, and asks each one of us: Will you remain faithful to the Crucified?' (Saint Edith Stein)

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