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The Secret of the Rosary

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Author: St. Louis De Monfort

Number Of Pages: 152

Publisher: Martino Fine Books

Release Date: 01-02-2018


2018 Reprint of 1954 Edition. In this book St. Louis De Monfort explains the rosary and its power in short sections called Roses, each being about one or two pages long.  Each Rose discusses a separate aspect of the Rosary and is addressed to a different cross section of the audience, e.g. priests versus lay people.

The book consists of an introduction, plus two main parts. Part I: “What the Rosary is” and Part II: “How to Recite it”. The book is structured in terms of 53 Roses, i.e. sections.  The book was intended as a compendium of everything that was necessary to know about the Rosary and to highlight its significance in Catholic life.

EAN: 9781684221882

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