The Portal of Beauty: Towards a Theology of Aesthetics

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Author: Bruno Forte


  • religious

Number Of Pages: 130

Publisher: Eerdmans

Release Date: 29-10-2008


A famous Italian theologian's eloquent reflections on beauty and God.

"Beauty is an event: it happens when the Whole, the All, offers itself to us in the fragment, when the Infinite makes itself little." This is how Bruno Forte describes the long-held Christian tradition that traces beauty back to God and sees God as the source of all beauty. But, he questions, is this really possible? How can the limitless inhabit what is little? In The Portal of Beauty Forte examines the deep, though not always obvious, contribution of theological thought -- from the minds of such luminaries as Augustine, Aquinas, Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, Balthasar, and Evdokimov -- to the understanding and experience of beauty.

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