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The Good Sense of Jesus: A Commentary on the Beatitudes

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Author: Iván Pertiné

Brand: Tan Books


  • The Good Sense of Jesus A Commentary on the Beatitudes

Number Of Pages: 272

Publisher: TAN Books

Release Date: 06-02-2019

Details: It is often said that living the Gospel is difficult. In reality, it is the easiest thing.

It is difficult to live without God, groping aimlessly, alone. It is easier to listen to him, belong to a Christian community, walk with others . . . . It is difficult to be alone, and it is difficult to live as a slave to your particular passions and the pressures and expectations of the world.

In contrast, life is made simpler, when we trust in the Word and give ourselves over to Christ.  The teaching of Christ is designed for the human heart. His teaching is sensible and it makes us sensible.

And so, he whoever practices the teachings of Sermon on the Mount, with the grace of God, will enter into the pathways of “the good sense of Jesus.”

EAN: 9781505113341

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