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The Devil You Don’t Know

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Author: William Landon

Number Of Pages: 204

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

Release Date: 25-09-2006

Details: There are many traditional concepts of the devil in organized religion as well as in popular myth and culture. Nearly every worldview has an explanation for the evil we see in our daily life experiences. While we may not like to think much about the darker side of life, we instinctively seek a reason or cause for the negative parts of our experience in this world. In most of the explanations of evil there is some personification of hurt and suffering called Satan, the devil, the evil one or some other name. The Bible tells us a great deal about the enemy of God and humanity including the fact that he is bent on hurting God by harming us. Given the fact that Satan is dedicated to harming us, we would do well to have as clear and accurate an understanding of him as we can. Our best defense against any opponent is to know how they operate, what they are capable of and what their limitations and weaknesses are. Fortunately, we can do this without succumbing to an unhealthy level of obsession about the foe of all humanity. In this book you will find a nontraditional explanation of where and how Satan operates within humanity. This view deserves a hearing, as the prevailing ideas about the devil's working don't seem to be terribly effective for the purpose of aiding us in overcoming our adversary. Some may find the idea of a personal devil (Satan in the flesh) a disturbing or insulting concept. If you will give it a careful hearing, however, this unorthodox idea may just be a key understanding in your successful resistance to the evil one's desire to harm you.

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