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The Burden: A warning of things to come

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Author: Paul Thigpen

Number Of Pages: 100

Publisher: Sea Star Press

Release Date: 08-03-2013

Details: A sense of foreboding has deepened across our land ... Spiritually, socially, politically, economically, the fierce consequences of our choices as a nation whirl around us and threaten us with catastrophe. The storm clouds gather; the thunder rumbles; the darkness descends. While the tempest approaches, many are asleep. Others sense danger in the air but are uncertain of its source and scope. Now a new book, The Burden, has appeared in the hope of rousing the sleepers and clarifying the danger. Best-selling author Paul Thigpen insists that we are seeing today a repetition of the historical pattern so vividly presented in biblical prophecy, an echo of events that took place long ago. God’s ultimate response to sinful nations is merciful but terrifying chastisement. Our recent history invites, perhaps demands, such chastisement. If we turn from our evil ways, we have hope of avoiding disaster. But the burning question remains: Will we turn?

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