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The Bible and the End of the World: Should We Be Afraid?

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Author: Margaret Nutting Ralph PH.D.

Brand: Brand: Paulist Pr


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Number Of Pages: 192

Publisher: Paulist Press

Release Date: 01-12-1997

Details: Doomsayers too often warp Bible messages to instill fear and to support their own agenda. Well-known educator Margaret Nutting Ralph explains how misinterpretation arises from taking a biblical line or two out of context to support one's own belief. Her words are bound to be controversial as she boldly states that certain well-known negative interpretations are flat-out wrong and are in fact abusive.

Ralph then explains how to read apocalyptic literature, understand the role of the prophets, and find the "good news" in the Book of Revelation. She reveals the positive interpretation of certain "famous" passages that are usually interpreted negatively. And she ultimately confirms the Bible's three central truths: that God is love, that God loves us, and that God saves.

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