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Parish Guide for Implementing Catholics Returning Home Ministry: Outreach to Non-Practicing Catholics

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Author: Sally L Mews

Number Of Pages: 166

Publisher: Leonine Publishers

Release Date: 30-07-2018


People drift away from the Church for all sorts of reasons, often due to disappointments and hurts related to Church experiences. Jesus, the good Shepherd, models how we as disciples can reach out to our non-practicing brethren and help them return to their faith community.

The Catholics Returning Home ministry guides them along in a kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental manner. It is a time-tested, proven, step-by-step parish-based ministry that does this in a simple, practical manner.

Catholics Returning Home is designed to reach non-practicing Catholics during Christmas, Easter, and in the fall, when most of them are open to an invitation, The outreach publicity, put out during Advent, Lent, and late summer, consists of signs, banners, flyers, brochures, and bulletin articles.

The six-week series is designed to welcome returnees back, help them overcome their difficulties with the Church, facilitate development of trust in the faith community, and then update them on the basics of Catholicism in order to help them reattach and bond. Many become very active and involved with the Catholics Returning Home ministry and other parish activities. They change from completely estranged and detached to relaxed, friendly, and eager to re-join their Catholic faith community.

Parish Guide for Implementing Catholics Returning Home Ministry is the tool you need to start this ministry in your parish.

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