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No One Else Can Sing My Song

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Author: Edward J. Farrell

Number Of Pages: 220

Publisher: Alba House

Release Date: 06-12-2001

Details: Sing a new song unto the Lord! This invitation is repeated again and again in the Psalms. Mary sang her Magnificat. What is my song? Am I singing it? Each one of us is invited to sing a new song, a new Magnificat, every day of our lives. Each of us is a new creation, a facet of the glory of God, His presence made visible. What is the song of my life, the inner music of my being? I am not a single note, a solitary sound or a lonely chord; my life is a symphony of praise to God that rivals the music of the spheres. No one else can sing my song. And what a chorus we make when each one of our life songs is blended into and harmonized with all the others. In his inimitable style, Father Farrell helps us to tune in on the melody of our lives through silent listening and Eucharistic contemplation.

EAN: 9780818908958

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