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Intercession: A Guide to Effective Prayer

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Author: Sister Ann Shields S.G.L.

Number Of Pages: 75

Publisher: Servant

Release Date: 23-09-2004


Intercessory prayer—prayer for the needs of others—comes easily to many of us. But sometimes we wonder why our prayers are not more effective. Does God hear us? Does he care? Does he want to help? Why do our prayers seem to fall on deaf ears?

Too often, we quit interceding when we fail to see results. In Intercession: A Guide to Effective Prayer, Sister Ann Shields leads us through key Scripture passages that undergird  productive prayer. In nine lively lessons, we discover what it means to pray, how to intercede for the church and the world, and the elements of spiritual warfare. Active faith united with practical, Scriptural teaching will equip us to pray with power for our family, friends, neighborhood, church and the global community.  A Servant Book.

EAN: 9780867166170

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